Why and How Arsenal FC Differs From Other Teams

Arsenal FCArsenal Football Club is one of the best football clubs that is located in Holloway, London. The team just recently played in the Premier League, an English professional association football club for men, and won the Premier League titles, 13 First Division, and record a 12 FA Cups. The team was establish in 1886 and became the primary football club that participates in the Football League from south England in 1893. The team also won numerous championships from different tournaments around the globe, giving them great appreciation and recognition from their fans and other people around the globe.

According to the Arsenal FC manager, Arsene Wenger, the team creates a big difference from other teams because of their performance in the previous challenge against West Ham with 3-0 score held at the Emirates Stadium. Gunners created an 8 home league success in keeping the intense on the second-place Manchester City subsequent to the completely finishing the second-half strength from the Irons. Arsenal is known for being a one-man team because of the participation of Alexis Sanchez. Thus, this statistics can also prove the strength of the team in terms of scoring for a goal.

One of the reasons why Arsenal team is different is that, 18 numerous players coming from them have scored throughout the competitions in this season, which includes Yaya Sanogo, Mathieu Debuchy, Danny Welbeck, and Olivier Giround. Arsenal is commonly recognized as contender for the title of the Primier League prior to the beginning of the season. Here are some reasons why and how Arsenal creates difference form other football teams.

• Though Arsenal has not yet found the excellent goalkeeper since the departure of David Seaman in 2003, they have Jens Lehman who is creating a name in filling the gloves of the England’s star. This helps the Gunners to make difference. Arsene Wenger also believes that the Czech international can establish a prime position that can possibly improve his career in West London. The presence of Lehman in the team created big confidence that they are still carrying in the present.

• The team is also composed of match winners like Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott, Danny Welbeck, Aaron Ramsey, and Olivier Giroud. This group of talented players has the capacity to get something that comes from nothing. If Wenger can still find new addition to his team, they could be unstoppable.

• Though there were bad habit that happened in the recent years like losing their outstanding players like Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri, Robin van Persie, and Bacary Sagna. In today’s season, nobody left the team. This would mean one essential thing in their building of chance towards achieving the distance success. The team currently holds their elite players who are fit for being the regular starters.

• Though Arsenal does not have new players just like the Liverpool, they are still confident that they will win all the competition and create a remarkable event and record that will create big change in the history of football.

Arsenal Team is also ready to face every challenge that they might face in the season, they are also ensuring that they will reduce, if not eliminated, the occurrence of injury in their team that might be subject to conflict if not immediately resolved.

These are just some of the reasons why Arsenal is different from other football teams. They have the dedication, the team, and the capacity of winning every fight. These also give them the chance to offer the Arsenal tickets to their fans and for those who want to see how they prepare on their next battle. They know how important to win in this field and they want to ensure that they will never fail what their supporters expect from them.

According to Arsenal FC latest news, Wenger and his forward express their intention of scoring goal each of them that is close to 20. In order for them to make this possible, they will be needing patience and trust with each other. In the Arsenal Fixtures, they already seen who their matches are and they believe that they will outshine every match that they have in this season and the other upcoming events and competitions.

With all these things, Arsenal shop is getting ready for their rewards to be provided for their supporters. They ensure that every item that can be found in the shop will create a deep appreciation from their fans. They know that in every competition they take, they have the strong support from their friends, families, and other people who believe in the big change that the can create in the industry. This is one of the abundant reasons why Arsenal is always doing their best to tell the world that they are different now, than what they was before.